The Dark River Company

The Story So Far...

The Dark River Company (DRC) is a party of four Long War veterans who are awaiting the approval of the Charter for their small Free Company – Mercenaries, in other words – in the city-state of Quithara. They operate out of the Salty Arms, a pub of good repute near The Knocks, a rough borough in Quithara. They’ve rented rooms above the pub, congregating in the pub proper for business. The Dark River Company is comprised of a Grammatik battle-priest , a bounty hunter of some repute, a mischievous storm mage and a mysterious runic wizard.

The Cast:
Bruce R. as Father Reyes “Ol’ Fury” (Human CLR2)
Jeremy O. as Jamven Leafskipper (Gnome BRD1/RNG1)
Jonathan I. as Merric Underthorn (Halfling ROG1/MAG1)
Shaan K. as Daurin, son of Durin (Dwarf MAG2)


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