The Dark River Company

The Dark River Company and the Case of the Swan Way Slicer

The loggings of a possible future officer of administrative matters

It feels like a fine day, after the rough ins and outs the Dark River Company had experienced in our very first job, that had not just led to the approval of the company in the eyes of many in the land of Quinthara, but also to a great new opening to more jobs for us, mere survivors of the long war that had befallen us long ago, and all of us having seen far worser things than a dragon’s behind.

Nostalgic, now that I think of it, where it was just a few days ago when I accepted the job given to us by the City Watch, then having taken a short ride to the House of The Garlias along Swan Way. Our task was to protect two ladies of The Garlias; the rather bitter old Lady Auralana, as well as the young, fair but troubled Lady Cerise, as it was she who had put the Swan Lake Slicer into captivity. How that little bugger managed to escape is beyond me, yet with the City Watch have a lack of hands to aid their cause, perhaps it was to be expected. Yet it was a task that seemed enough challenge for men such as us, the ones united in what is now the Dark River Company.

By me at that time were my comrades ; the founder Father Reyes @ “Ol’ Fury”, a holy yet vigilant Human ally of mine from the old war, Merric Underthorn, a Halfing storm mage whom I had managed contact, as well as Daurin, son of Durin, a powerful yet crafty Dwarven runic wizard. And together we scoured the place for clues, and even attended a most delightful ball along where I met an old friend from The Travelers, Jon Brunwick, a human who had also fought in the war in the same regiment I was in. The celebrations and good tidings might have been almost perfect if it wasn’t for the sour and foul gaze of the deranged old woman of the house, whom we had soon found to be linked to the Swan Lake Slicer.

The many things we found within the manor confuddled us, as we had investigated the house and learnt its secrets; a used carriage covered in all manners of dust, yet with fingernails stuck on it, a letter addressed to Lady Cerise from her late husband(who had been struck down by the Swan Lake Slicer), a scrapbook made from the Lord of the house himself, who had mysteriously disappeared, bottles of potions which enhanced strength when ingested in the old woman’s drawers, a chest of cute boy clothes fit for a halfing sized individual, and eventually a basement which had huge slabs of cured meat.

Once the celebrations were done, we went down the shaft of a moving platform in a way that would have made my regiment leaders shake their heads in disappointment, and there we found eleven wholly transmuted figures of stone, an additional two whom we had to save from the death grip jaws of a large Death Hound. That creature’s presence in Quinthara worries me, but it will have to be another investigation of its own, as it is a magical beast that our enemy had used upon us. But never have we really seen one of this size, as it very nearly tore Father Reyes in two. He sure showed the beast its place, as we see traces of why he had been given the name “Old Fury”.

It was then that we had deduced that Lady Cerise is no longer safe, and once the two witnesses along with her had been brought to safety, we confronted Lady Auralana and found that she had indeed conspired with the Swan Way Slicer. In a fierce battle of whirling blades, clanging steel and bombardment of spells, we managed to capture her and slay the Swan Lake Slicer. With the evidence we had against Lady Auralana, she was exiled to asylum for the rest of her life. May she find peace in there, though I very much doubt it. I shall still hope for it, nonetheless, begrudgingly.

Our deeds recognized, our endeavours paid off, we were granted approval for our charter. Lady Cerise was in shock, and visibly pained by the tragedy that had formed in her life, but I am most certain she will recover. Troubled she may be, and tragic her life is, she is still the survived heir of the House of Garlias. I would be certain that she will prove a much better leader for the house than the deranged old woman.

As such, our charter will be off to a good start, and I probably will have much work to attend to in the future since our founder is a man who prefers the field much more, yet someone will still have to stay and do whatever is necessary to keep the company alive, and ensure that there’s always a warm bed, a good mug of ale, and quite possibly new jobs for the charter, so that we can make ourselves useful in our homeland of Quinthara.

Jamven Leafskipper


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