The Dark River Company

The 28th Day of Summer, 666th year of our Lord Io

The Thought Journal of Ser Breeze en Naïlo, Last of the Nightwind

ON the 28th day of Summer, in the [cursed] six hundred and sixty-sixth Year of our Lord Io, within the city-state of Quithara, on a rainy afternoon, did a man from the Watch coming seeking our esteemed colleague, Jamven Leafskipper. The young Watchman was out of breath, his uniform bearing the pins of a precinct clearly from the other end of Quithara.

The Watch wished to employ our fair company.

Such irony, if you consider the name of our Free Company. The Dark River Company. Named for the river of Death that crosses the abyssal and infernal plains that souls cross into the afterlife.

But I digress.

As I said, the Watch wished to employ us in the protection of two Ladies of Noble birth and bearing. The Garlias of Swan Way. The matron and daughter of one of the more ancient human families of Quithara. I can understand the reasoning behind wishing to protect such a family and its comprising members, but why at this time?

Ah, the Swan Way Slicer has escaped custody. The how is irrelevant and in the past, all that matters is the now and present action. Such a monster must be prevented from bringing harm upon his last intended victim, the young Lady Cerise.

We must make ha…

Oh, hells and damnation!

A summons from the Order at this time!?

Regrettably I must leave my comrades to this mission of import. When the Order summons, one must fly with all speed.

May Lord Io bless you, my comrades, I will return as quickly as I am able.



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