The Dark River Company.

Being the tales of an adventurous and spirited Free Company within the walls of the city-state of Quithara, through the lands of the Trirev Sovereignty, and, possibly, beyond.

Being the stuff that renowned bardic tales of chilling courage, despicable cheerfulness, radiant vileness, dark heroism, quick steel, hot magic, hard runs, the occasional damsel in distress, and, of course, glittering gold are made of.

(The Dark River Company is a small group of friends who are playing in a home-brewed campaign and will be alternating DM duties through different adventures. Mostly beginners, we’ve latched on to D&D Next as it has proven to be fairly easy to handle and allows us to concentrate on the story-telling and role-playing aspects of the game without getting bogged down by clunky mechanics. We also experiment with other game systems and settings from time-to-time.)

The Dark River Company

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